Former Liverpool striker David N’gog has been signed by a team named Ross County and the contract runs until the season endsHe has left the Greek side for which he was playing and following that, he has been moving around the world like to be a freelance agent who would pick up teams as they come by and gain experience in different parts of the world and cultures.

Although around in March 2018, it was said that Liverpool made a wrong and oddest choice after signing up David after the Liverpool flop. He has played to his full potential and there was a commitment by the player in the match especially after the resignation of Coyle. He gave his 100% even after the departure of Owen Coyle.

The pair worked together earlier when Coyle signed him for Liverpool in back 2011.They played few matches together and made history. But N’gog has always said that Coyle was and is always have been his inspiration as he David also just made Dingwall side escape relegation ever.

And he is still working for Liverpool with his full dedication and power. He made his team win many leagues and is now an inspiration to other young players in the team. Although in the early years of his gaming there were mixed results but soon got only positive outcomes of his gaming.

The player also believes that the Coyle is the best person who can get his career back on track and it was no doubt that the deal had to be signed until the end of the season. It has happened in the last year when Coyle who had joined the team as being an agent, had to quit after they playing six games and found themselves at the last of the Scottish Premier league table.