David Ngog is happy tofinally return to the Barclays Premier League. For an undisclosed fee he joined Swansea from Bolton.

The former France Under-21 cap was expecting to be offered the chance to join Swansea and hence was not surprised to be asked to play in the rest of the Premier League. He was heard saying that it this was his chance to join a good club that was interested in him and was part of the Premier League. He was happy to receive this opportunity and after some deliberation decided to sign.

Ngog was in Bolton and he was not in discussion with any other club but as a player anyone would obviously want to play in the Premier league. Since he was offered this chance, he decided to join.

He said that it is upto others to decide if he’s worth being a Premier League player. But since he is now a part of it, it is his duty to buck up and do what is necessary to win games.

Michael Laudrup is not eager to start him off immediately but he believes that this forward brings a unique element to his squad. Position-wise they have been low in count recently. However, they are still in three competitions and it is very possible that more injuries will occur. Laudrup thinks it is important to search for abilities that are not present. Ngog as a forward has a very distinct style that could be very helpful in helping the team win games.

It is very much possible to look outside for foreign players. However, they will have absolutely no experience of English football and it will take time to adapt. Since there is only three months left in the league, it makes sense to sign on Ngog who has gained his experience of this league from both Bolton and Liverpool.