Jose Mourinho is considered one of the smartest managers around, but, when he signed Didier Drogba in the summer, there were not too many people who backed that move of his.

There was a general opinion that Drogba was well and truly past his prime and there was no point spending money on such a player.

People were obviously saying that on the basis of how the 2013-14 Season had gone for the Ivory Coast player. Not only had he suffered serious injuries, he had played some pathetic football.

But, Mourinho knew what he was going to do. He was bang on with his move. He knew that Drogba could still win football matches if given a bit of confidence and he gave that confidence to the veteran striker.

The Portuguese manager is reaping the rewards now as Drogba is delivering for the Blues and that too consistently.
Drogba is now starting the league games as well which is a sign that he is up there fitness wise.

Earlier in the summer, it was being said that at the conclusion of the ongoing season, Drogba would call it a day and would perhaps be given some kind of a coaching job at Chelsea.

But, the fresher reports say that Drogba might play in the next season as well if he maintains the form that he is currently showing.

The thing which is likeable about Drogba is that there hasn’t been even the slightest of changes in his approach. He still has that same killer instinct that he had a few years ago when he was Chelsea’s most important player.

His speed is not the same, it can’t be in the mid thirties, but, his skills and attitude still make him as dangerous as anyone else in the Premier League.