Olivier Guegan became the coach of Reims back on April of 2015 and after just 1 year in charge of the French club, he was sacked and one of the main reasons of why this occurred was because Reims suffered relegation after having gone through a mediocre season where they only managed to win 10 victories, 19 defeats and 9 draws.

“After a series of poor performances since the start of March and considering the uncertainty surrounding the club’s position in Ligue 1 with three games to go, Stade de Reims have relieved coach Olivier Guegan of his duties,” Reims said as they confirmed the sacking of Olivier Guegan after having only been in charge of the club for around 1 year.

This sacking occurred on April 22 after Reims sustained a 0-2 defeat against Nice and it was the 4th successive loss that they had sustained as they were entering the bottom relegation zone and after the 2015-16 season was over, Reims finished at the 18th spot and will have to compete in the Ligue 2 in the next season.

Reims managed to claim a 4-1 triumph over Lyon in the last match of the season but it wasn’t enough for them to avoid escaping the bottom relegation zone.

David Guion was appointed as the caretaker for Reims but it remains uncertain as to how long he will remain in charge of the French club. Guion was the Head of Youth Development and it remains uncertain as to how long he will remain in charge of Reims as the head coach.

The main task that Stade de Reims will want to accomplish is to earn a promotion spot back to the Ligue 1 and the appointed manager is the main man that has to push the team back to the top tier French League.